Recall More Dreams Boost Creativity and Improve Your Relationship

The main obstacle to remembering and benefiting from dreams is that waking and dream memory are not as well connected as they might be to larger intentions, actions and focus. Making a conscious effort to remember and especially to record your dreams will help you to re-unify your mind and integrate your dream experiences. It’s also a great way to increase the imagination and intuitive abilities associated with dreams. That alone should be a strong incentive. First, you must think that it will be useful to you, if not very useful. Without this goal, the motivation will soon disappear. More importantly, desire works like a magnet that draws your dreams to memory read more in

Realize that dreaming is an innate and natural human trait. This is the reason why children are very connected to their dreams, like many indigenous cultures, some of them share their dreams every day and rely on the important actions in life and the guidance that they receive. Dream memory is like a mental muscle – the more you use it, the stronger it becomes. Without exercise, it can go away, but it is there if you decide to work on it again. So if your memory is weak, trust that it will come in time, and trust itself will really help you since anticipation is a powerful tool. Before going to sleep, read your dreams from the previous night (or more).

It allows you to start connecting with the memory of your dreams, and it is an opportunity to interpret your dreams and discover connections with the events of the day. Then, when you sleep, ask yourself clearly (instead of commanding yourself) to remember all the dreams when you wake up in the morning or at night, especially those that will be useful to you and remember that this is a simple, automatic process. You can also offer to wake up at the same time when you want without using an alarm, because any strong external perception such as sound can block the reminder.

This method works well in practice, but you can start setting your alarm for 15 minutes after the suggested wake-up time, to be on the safe side. Although most people begin to experience success within the first week or two, dream recall is a mental muscle that can take time to get back in shape. Try to stay calm and playful by looking forward to your dreams when you are ready to let them come in time. Trying too hard or being too serious can be a hindrance. Dream memories and inspiration often come and go naturally in cycles and depend on what is happening in your life, how much sleep you sleep, how much exercise you do, etc. Once you start focusing on memory, stick with it for at least a few days, because day and night can have an additive effect.

6 Ways to Make the Kitchen Look Broader and Spacious  

For residents who like to cook, the kitchen can be a very boisterous room compared to other spaces in the dwelling. Especially if the kitchen is made together with the dining room, if the design is not right, the area can feel full and narrow. However, no matter how small your kitchen space, actually it can still look roomy if you know the tricks. The step of applying white cabinets and walls is a good trick, but there are many other ways to create the illusion of a space larger than the original. You can renovate by call Action 1 Construction to get a wider kitchen.

– Consider the “Floating” Lower Cabinet
Not always a cabinet that must fit right up to the floor. For the lower cabinet, try using the “hover”. Why? Because the concept of a “floating” cabinet can provide many benefits such as providing legroom so that the user’s standing position is more comfortable. Automatically, the impression of floating under the cabinet also makes the kitchen feel more spacious.

– Don’t Use More Than One Sink
Using a double sink does provide more useful, but if you are willing to compromise with the situation and choose to use just one sink, then the area of the sink can be diverted for storage rack space. The existence of a storage rack on the kitchen table can certainly reduce the possibility of a messy kitchen and can help the kitchen feel more relieved.

– Mirror design on Backsplash
Another way to make the kitchen appear wider is to place a mirror. Not installed on the wall of the room, but in the backsplash area. By installing in that area, the kitchen users’ viewing area becomes wider, and of course, makes the whole room look much bigger. You can use tinted glass so that the reflection is smoother.

– Using the Open Shelf in the Upper Cabinet
In a tiny kitchen, eliminating all the top cabinets is not the right choice. The existence of a shelf in the upper cabinet remains a solution for storing cutlery, jars, and spices. You can try to use an open type rack. Without the bulkhead and upper shelf door, the open rack feels lighter and makes the room seem more spacious.

– Add Glass Doors
This is another way to give your upper cabinet a light impression. You can change the rack door with solid material such as wood with glass material to create a more spacious and open atmosphere. Use this cabinet to store attractive kitchen accessories so that this shelf also functions as a display area in the kitchen.

– Installing Lights in the Cabinet
Lighting in the kitchen is not enough just one that is placed in the middle of the room. You have to add lighting at the bottom, top, or even inside the cabinet to make the room brighter and automatically seem more spacious.
There are 6 ways to make a small kitchen look more spacious and spacious. This kitchen remodeling Columbia SC also has a directory of interior designers who are ready to make your home comfortable and attractive.