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Archive for January, 2007

Flash Lite Applications Contest submission begins in 2 days

Submissions to the Flash Lite Applications contest will begin in 2 days and will end on February 28th.
We had some questions regarding the Flash Lite 1.1 web site content. These are web site developed in Flash Lite 1.1 and they will be tested and judged using a Flash Lite 1.1 WAP enabled phone. The site [...]

Flash Lite Online Live eSeminar: Connecting to external data services using Flash Lite

On January 24th there will be an online Adobe eSeminar for Flash Lite.
Topic: Connecting to external data services using Flash Lite. You can register here and you get the chance to win a Flash 8 Professional software or an iRiver.

Presentation, free book and contest

Today there was a great presentation from Mark of ShopQwik. Also Vishal Vivek is the winner of the free book Flash Applications for Mobile Devices offered by Scott.
I wanted to remind that the Flash Lite Application Contest is the end of February and that you can begin submitting your content from the beginning of February.