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Archive for June, 2008

Flash Lite enabled handsets document updated

Bill updated his document of Flash Lite enabled handsets.

Introductory Flash Lite eSeminars

Adobe APAC is holding a series of “Introductory Flash Lite eSeminars” with Dale as speaker.
Here’s the schedule for the upcoming eSeminars:
* June 25th – Flash Lite and the Nokia Web Runtime (WRT) platform
* July 9th – Adobe Flash Lite Widgets for the Chumby
* [...]

Friaday June 27th eSeminar postponed

The eSeminar for this Friday has been postponed to July 25th, sorry for the inconvenience.

Device Profile Update #6 available for download

The Device Profile Update #6 for Device Central is available for download.
It includes many devices updates including Nokia profiles with Flash Lite 3.0 support.

eSeminar: Flash Lite content – games and applications – from concept to cash

The Boston Adobe Mobile and Devices User Group is holding an eSeminar on June 27th, 2008 at 12PM EST (check your local time). Andrea Trento will present: Flash Lite content – games and applications – from concept to cash.
How to approach content creation and launch and get to cashing in alternative, independent ways.
We will analyze:

Promises [...]