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FL Application Contest 2006

First we wanted to thank all the developers and companies who submitted content. We had some great content with some really unique ideas. Congratulations to all the winners. Here are the winners of the 2006 Flash Lite application contest:

Best Overall Flash Lite content: developed by Gideon Multimedia


Best iRiver Flash Lite content: developed by 2SoulDesign©


Best Application: developed by ShopQwik


Best Animation: developed by Fat Pengy


Best Flash Lite Site: developed by Mobile Wish



The Adobe Mobile and Devices User Group of Boston, Australia and Brazil are organizing the second Flash Lite Contest.


The contest is open to anyone who is interested in developing content using Flash Lite 1.1, 2.0, 2.1 technologies for mobile devices, phones and iRiver PMP.

Use your imagination and experience to create your content. The application should be localized in English, but if you want to create it in another language feel free to do so. Please include any release note and instructions.


  • Best Overall Flash Lite content: A Nokia of your choice (up to 500 US$)
  • Best iRiver Flash Lite content: Adobe software of your choice (up to 2000 US$)
  • Best Application: iRiver
  • Best Animation: Adobe software of your choice (up to 2000 US$)
  • Best Flash Lite Site: Adobe software of your choice (up to 2000 US$)

All submitted content will have the chance to be evaluated for distribution through the Moket Content Network


Flash Lite categories:

Mobile phones:

  • Applications
  • Animations: Wallpaper, Screensaver
  • Flash Lite 1.1 Web Sites


  • Flash Lite content for iRiver (games and applications)
  • Valid Flash Lite applications need to respect the following guidelines:

    • Must run on Mobile Device and iRiver PMP
    • Flash Lite content must be new and not publicly available before beginning of the contest.

    The Flash Lite content will be judged using the following criteria:

    • Usability
    • User Experience
    • Performance
    • Uniqueness
    • Functionality

    The content will be judged by staff from the Adobe Mobile and Devices department and by the managers of the Adobe Mobile and Devices User Groups from Boston, Australia, and Brazil. (Judges are excluded from the contest)

    The deadline for submitting applications is 11 PM EST on February 28th 2007.

    You must submit your Flash Lite content between 1st February and no later then 28th February.
    Flash Lite content must be in a zip file. Please include a readme file with instructions and anything you might think is relevant. Specify the Flash Lite version of the Flash Lite content. A developer/company can only submit one piece of Flash Lite content per category. So a maximum of 4 Flash Lite content can be submitted by a developer/company. For the Flash Lite 1.1 web site content, please submit a readme file with a link to the site.

    To submit your Flash Lite content, please send it to all of the Adobe Mobile and Devices User Group emails:

    • Boston: flashmobilegroup at gmail dot com
    • Australia: ozmad at moket dot com dot au
    • Brazil: brmad at i2tecnologia dot com dot br

    Winners announcement:
    The winners will be announced the second week of March 2007.

    You as the developer/company retain all the rights to your application/content and you are solely responsible for the Flash Lite content.

    Online Help:
    If you need help, or want to ask questions you can post on the following forums:

    There are many Flash Lite developers always willing to help and give suggestions. The groups are also helpful to test your content on different mobile phones since people are willing to test applications on their devices.

    Also check the Flash Lite capability database for performance statistics and the Flash Lite development Checklist (to be found in the Yahoo Flash Lite User Group).

    Contest questions:
    If you have any specific questions regarding the contest please email to the Adobe Mobile and Devices User Group of Boston, Australia and Brazil (email all) or post a comment on the above forums.