Learn These 4 Types of Storage

Self storage industries have grown significantly over the past few decades, providing customers with a secure location to put their belongings. Which form of best means self storage should you select after making the decision to do so? Here are the four fundamental storage options and the justifications for using each.

1. Self Storage With Climate Control
These storage options are offered in multi-story, completely enclosed structures with compartments ranging in size from 25 to 300 square feet. Access is strictly restricted to authorized users, and the entire building is protected and closely watched with many high-definition security cameras per floor. All spaces are temperature- and humidity-controlled. Since the storage environment is comparable to that inside a clean home or office, you have regular access to your belongings from early morning until late at night.

2. Self Storage Without Climate Control
Many businesses provide this service, which is occasionally somewhat less expensive than climate-controlled storage. Most frequently, non-climate-controlled storage consists of rows of what are essentially garages. Access to availability is comparable to climate-controlled storage. The fact that your area is not air-conditioned in the summer, heated in the winter, or humidity-controlled is a drawback.

3. Convenient Storage Containers
You contact them back to pick it up and put it in their warehouses when you’ve filled up your storage space with your belongings. The climate is not controlled, and access to possessions is restricted until they are delivered to your place. Such storage is perfect for products that don’t require climate control or frequent access.

4. Information Management Service
This kind picks up documents at your location and delivers them to a climate-controlled storage facility. Upon customer request, boxes are provided and then returned. The only things that can be stored are mostly paper files. They don’t store things like furniture and equipment.

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