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FL Application Contest 2005

Here we go, the winner of the MMobileUG Flash Lite Application contest is Alen who developed a very unique application.
Congratulation to Alen and thanks to all the developers for submitting their Flash Lite applications.

Lady Calendar developed by Alen: LadyCalendar is an application for ladies… It’s purpose is to calculate ovulation and menstrual days. You can save data for up to three users.


BBC Sport developed by Paul:If you want up-to-the-minute news on your favourite sport, then this application is for you. News headlines from all the top sports, including Football, Cricket, Golf, Tennis, American Football, Basketball and Baseball. Simple and easy to use, keep up-to-date whenever you want and wherever you are. Supported by and uses RSS feeds from

Ideal Weight developed by Hsin-i Lee: Ideal Weight is a Body Mass Index Calculator which indicates weight status in adults over 20. you can easily calculate your ideal weight for keeping fit and healthy.
null RSS Reader developed by Comtaste

Cape Town developed by Sean: The application provides the user with some of the most important information that a tourist would need when travelling in and around Cape Town. Information is provided in four main categories, namely: General, Beaches, Attractions and Restaurants.

Pickup Mobile developed by Max

This is ”Winter” developed by William: Winter can become your virtual girlfriend. She likes long walks in the countryside and is dressed for the occasion. Talk to her about anything, just as you would a real girlfriend.

This is ”Marilyn” developed by William: She is the embodyment of beauty as was her real namesake. She can talk to you about anything, including some of her personal history, but she is very private personality.

This is ”Anni Mi” developed by William: She loves her swimming pool so you are bound to find her there if you call her. She likes boys who are thoughtfull and friendly, and she has good advice if you need it. Don’t be rude to her though as she has a sharp tongue!


PS. The developers will decide how to share their applications.

The Macromedia Mobile User Group of Boston is organizing the first Flash Lite 1.1 Application Contest. The prize for the winner is a new copy ofMacromedia Studio 8.

Studio 8

The contest is open to anyone who is interested in developing mobile applications using Flash Lite 1.1 technology. Use your imagination and experience to create your application. We want to focus on applications and not games. The application should be localized in english, but if you want to do it in another language feel free to do so. Please include any release note and instructions.

Valid Flash Lite applications need to respect the following guidelines:

  • Must run on Series 60 Mobile Phones (Applications will be tested on real phones)
  • Applications must be new and not publicly available before September 25th

The applications will be judged using the following criteria:

  • Usability
  • User Experience
  • Performance
  • Uniqueness
  • Functionality

Judges are excluded from the contest.

The deadline for submitting applications is 11 PM of November 25th 2005, Boston time.

To submit your Flash Lite 1.1 application please send your content in ZIP format to the MMobileUG email: flashmobilegroup at gmail dot com. Also include a readme file with instructions and anything you might think is relevant. Is possible submit more then one application.

Winner announcement:
The winner will be announced the first week of December.

You as developer retain all the rights of your application and you are the sole responsible for the application.

Online Help:
If you need help, or want to ask questions you can post on the Yahoo Flash Lite User Group. There are many Flash Lite developers always willing to help and give suggestions. The group is also helpful to test your content on different mobile phones since people are willing to test applications on their device.

Also check the Flash Lite 1.1 capability database for performance statistics and the Flash Lite development Checklist (to be found in the Yahoo Flash Lite User Group).

Contest questions:
If you have any question regarding the contest please email to the MMobileUG.