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2007 Flash Lite Game Contest

The 2007 Flash Lite Game Contest is being run in association with Playyoo. Other sponsors include Adobe and O’Reilly. The contest offers a set of cash and non-cash prizes exclusively to members of Flash Lite User Groups, through three Regional sections.

The Playyoo Game Contest is open to all Flash Lite developers, and offers a series of valuable cash prizes.

The rules and instructions for entering the 2007 Flash Lite Game Contest and Playyoo Game Contest are given below. All entries into the 2007 Flash Lite Game Contest are through the Playyoo platform and will also be entered automatically in the Playyoo Game Contest.

Regional sections
The 2007 Flash Lite Game Contest will be organized into three regional sections:

  • Americas: refer to this page for the Americas regional contest
  • Europe and Africa
  • Asia Pacific

Each regional section will be run by a contest leader selected from the regional Flash User Groups. Each region will maintain a page on the 2007 Flash Lite Game Contest website. Check the AMERICA contest page.

General requirements
In order to participate in the 2007 Flash Lite Game Contest, you must create a user account at In the registration form you should select which Regional section you wish your games to be considered for.

Games are submitted under Playyoo’s Terms of Use, which can be reviewed at In particular, these state that:

You may only submit games to which you own the copyright. Games must not include any material in the form of graphics, scripts or other objects which you either do not own, or do not have the rights to use. You undertake to indemnify Playyoo against any action arising from the unauthorized use of copyright materials. Games must not display any form of racism or pornography, or any kind of advertising.

If necessary, the jury can declare a game unacceptable for the contest, if it meets general disapproval.

All games uploaded to Playyoo before 23:59 CET February 15th, 2008 will be eligible for the 2007 Flash Lite Game Contest.

You may submit as many games as you wish.

Game categories
There are no restrictions on the themes of games which can be entered in the contest. Remakes and new versions of existing games are permitted, subject of course to copyright. The preset categories within Playyoo are as follows:

Role Playing

Technical requirements
Games must be produced in Flash Lite, and must use the Playyoo template which is available for download from and Instructions on using the Flash Extension which installs the template are included with the download. You may use Flash Lite v1.1 or 2.x. Playyoo offers the option to upload several versions of the same game, allowing you to optimize for a wider group of clients. You can upload different Flash Lite versions, and different aspect ratios. Such different versions are together considered as one game.

  • Game file size should not exceed 300kb
  • The game should include instructions as appropriate

The prizes for each of the 3 Regional sections of the 2007 Flash Lite Game Contest are:

  • 1st Prize – A prize of YOUR choice valued up to US$ 5,000 sponsored by Playyoo.
  • 2nd Prize – Adobe software licenses
  • 3rd Prize – O’Reilly books
  • Other prizes will be announced in due course.

The prizes for the Playyoo Game Contest are:

  • 1st prize: $10,000
  • 2nd prize: $7,000
  • 3rd prize: $3,000
  • 4th prize: $1,500
  • 5th prize: $1,000
  • Plus 5 prizes of $500 each.

Judging and criteria
The winners of the Regional sections of the 2007 Flash Lite Game Contest will be judged by a panel of judges comprised of representatives from Playyoo and Adobe as well as leading Flash Lite game developers worldwide. The criteria will include innovation in concept, game-play, graphics as well as an evaluation of the technical merits of the game, such as memory optimization and loading times.

The winners of the Playyoo Games Contest will be judged by the Playyoo community. Prizes will be awarded to the most popular games as measured by download statistics and community ratings up until 23.59 CET on February 28th, 2008..

For any questions please refer to the America Contest section on the Mobile Contest site.