How to Calm Your Heart and Mind When you are in Trouble

In life, it doesn’t always go smoothly and according to the plan. There are times when we all find or experience problems that sometimes make us nervous so that it makes a mood that makes us lazy to do any activity or meet other people. These problems are usually caused by work, family, love stories, and so on. Actually, these problems are not always bad for us, sometimes from these problems we learn about persistence, loyalty, the maturation process, and a myriad of other benefits if we are able to think calmly. But it is true, problems often affect emotions so that there is no way to think calmly and the heart to become uneasy. As a result, problems cannot be resolved properly and can lead to depression or frustration. To fix this, you can join divine feminine and masculine energy.

Stick to Positive Thinking. This is not easy to do, because you have to look at the problem from a different perspective. For example, someone who suddenly gets fired even though he has a lot of dependents to pay for. In plain view, anyone who sees and hears it will surely look with pity on that person. But if seen from the other side, maybe if you continue to work at the company it will not make it good and lead to other things. In addition, if you are the “chosen” person to face a big enough problem, rest assured that happiness will soon come to you in an unexpected way. Yes, it all takes a process, but that’s the impact of always thinking positively. If this continues to be done, then the heart and mind will always be calm.

The next way to calm your heart and mind when there is a big problem is to forgive yourself. These means don’t be too fixated that the problem is because of yourself so that it makes depression. Learn to forgive yourself and then take responsibility for your mistakes. Remember! Humans can indeed make mistakes and from there we can learn and be able to organize life better. If forgiving yourself cannot be done, it is feared that in the future you will have the same problem and it will be more difficult to be able to forgive yourself. To be able to forgive yourself, you can start by being patient with the events you are facing, being grateful for what you have been given so far, then letting go of the problems at hand.