Pay Attention to this when Choosing a Baby Bouncer

Each baby bouncer has a maximum and minimum limit for the weight and age of the baby. It is important for you to check because the length of time you use the baby bouncer depends on each product. There are products that can be used for newborns, there are also those that can only be used until the child is three years old. The bouncer model has a simple shape so it is possible to use it up to two years old baby. If you want to use it as a chair and for the long term, we recommend choosing a rocker model with a baby weight capacity of 12 kg or more. Visit to get more info.

However, some children cannot sit still when they are one year old. So, actually children no longer need a bouncer from that age. Many strong products support up to 3 to 4-year-old babies. However, it will be more effective if you choose a product that can be used until the age of one year.

The design and features match, but it turns out that your favorite baby bouncer can’t be where you want it to be. Too bad, right? Therefore, don’t forget to check the size of the baby bouncer to be purchased. Choose a product that can be used freely in its place of use. Bouncers and rockers that are compact in size are widely sold in the market. Products that can be folded and compact will certainly facilitate storage. You can comfortably wear it even though the room in your house is narrow. When going to buy a baby bouncer, make sure the size is when it has been folded or when it has not been folded.

Still confused about which product to buy? If so, think about the additional features it has to offer. If you want to soothe your baby, choose a baby bouncer that comes with a toy. Some products are also equipped with music that can make the baby calm. Not only that, there are also products that add vibration features. For those of you who want to use it to seat the baby and also eat, we recommend a product whose tilt can be adjusted to a lying position.