Japanese Carpet: Tatami

Tatami is a traditional Japanese floor covering or mat. The shape is a sheet, similar to a carpet. Made from woven straw and surrounded by silk or cotton cloth at the edges, tatami is rooted in Japanese culture. Lately, many houses use tatami because it can add to the beauty of a room. You can put it in the family room or the bedroom. To maintain its quality, you can consult to advanced carpet cleaner north shore because they are experts in various types of carpet in the world.

Initially, this mat was a luxury item used by emperors, aristocrats, or religious leaders. At that time, the thickness of the straw and the type of cloth used at the edges indicated the class or position of a person. But then, tatami became an element that can be found in all homes in Japan, both high-ranking and ordinary people. Many tourists who come from abroad adapt the interior concept of Japanese homes and one of the materials that must be used is this tatami carpet.

In the early days of the tatami, the form was thin woven. But over time, people want a softer base. Therefore, in its development, this base is made thicker. Tatami rugs are also suitable for children’s play pads because they do not cause itching and skin allergies.

Because through an evolutionary process, it is difficult to determine exactly when the birth of tatami. A source said the 15th-century tatami began to find his identity as a floor covering. Now, tatami is widely used as an interior element, both functional and sweetener.

This object functions as a carpet, which is the floor covering in the living room (which is placed under the table), or on the floor of the family room (in front of the TV), for a place to sit while watching TV.

Now tatami is not only used in Japanese-style houses. Other style houses can use this floor covering as an accent. In its function as an interior element, tatami presents a natural impression. And for modification, fabric trim can be given in a variety of colors. The size also varies like a carpet.

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