Types of Ocean Freight Shipping We Provide

Ocean freight shipping is a vital part of the global supply chain, allowing businesses to transport large quantities of goods and materials overseas by boat. At Curent International Freight, we offer a range of ocean freight services to suit the needs of our diverse client base.

One of the leading ocean freight services we offer is Full Container Load (FCL) shipping. With FCL, you exclusively use an entire shipping container for your cargo. This is an ideal option for large shipments or if you need to transport items that are sensitive to movement or damage.

In addition to FCL, we offer Less than Container Load (LCL) shipping. This option allows you to share a container with other shippers, reducing costs and making it more cost-effective for smaller shipments. LCL is an excellent choice for businesses that need more cargo to fill an entire container.

At Ocean Freight Shipping, we also offer specialized ocean freight services to meet the unique needs of our clients. This includes temperature-controlled shipping for perishable goods and heavy-lift cargo services for oversized or overweight items. In addition, our team of logistics professionals can provide expert guidance on the most appropriate shipping method for your specific needs.

In addition to these core ocean freight services, we also offer a range of transit time options to suit the delivery needs of our clients. Our expedited shipping services ensure your cargo reaches its destination as quickly as possible, while our cost-effective economy options are ideal for less time-sensitive shipments.

Safety is of the utmost importance at Ocean Freight Shipping. All our vessels are equipped with the latest technology and adhere to strict safety regulations. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your cargo’s safe and secure transportation from the point of origin to the final destination.

If you need reliable and efficient ocean freight services, look at Ocean Freight Shipping. Contact our team today to discuss your shipping needs and request a quote.