The Video Mapping Equipment Has A Sophisticated Augmented Reality Technology

Usually, video-mapping activities can only be done by vantage vfx Event Content Dubai. However, now amateurs like many of us can do it too. The newest device from Lightform allows users to be able to do Video or Projection mapping like their professional actors. This device is a combination of projectors with augmented-reality (AR) technology.

How to use this device is enough with Lightform laptops and projectors. The workings of this device are to scan objects/surfaces, then produce a projection image that fits the surface of the object. Video mapping is a technique that uses lighting and projection so that it can create optical illusions on objects.

These objects will visually change from the shape usually into a different new form and very fantastic. Visual changes occur from a projection that displays digital video graphics to an object, object, or field. Video Mapping as an interesting new method is part of the evolution of visual art. As a manifestation of visual art and technology imagery. Artists can realize the ideas they design into any 3D material in the formation of architecture.

Video Mapping combines film and video mapping as a performance strategy. United with the visual-narrative journey we can promote local and global sensitivity from the identity of a place, person, and history. This opens new opportunities for a lot of people such as artists, entrepreneurs, students, politicians, religious preachers, and others.

With amazing visual effects that can be projected on famous landmarks on strategic locations, people have a better chance to promote their artworks, ideas, and also other types of information easily to a lot of people at once. Furthermore, thanks to the internet and social media, if a person’s video mapping artwork or advertisement becomes viral, there will be a lot more people who can see the beauty of it and also receive the information that the artist or the entrepreneur wants to convey. Sometimes, a viral sensation like that may even be trending on the various internet platforms and can also be seen by people from around the world.

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