Why Should Mug?

If there are still much promotional media that are commonly used, why should you promote using a mug? Of course, this mug has advantages that may not be the same if you advertise using other media such as advertisements on radio, billboards, or using brochures. The advantages of using a promotional mug as Crypto Mug include:

Mugs Are a Durable Media
Compared to print promotion media that have been commonly used such as posters, brochures, newspapers, and magazines, mugs are much more durable. Promotional mugs are waterproof, they can even be washed repeatedly. While these printed promotional media are not waterproof, once exposed to water they get wet easily. Besides getting wet easily, these promotional media are easily wrinkled.

The mug is Cheaper but Effective
The cost of printing is cheaper when compared to the cost of printing banners and billboards or using brochures. Who would throw away a mug when they could get one for free? So, this way, your advertising message will be distributed more easily, right? Especially for everyday use.

No need to find a place to install and no hassle
If you are promoting using banners, billboards, or posters then you have to look for a special installation place. Meanwhile, many places to install banners and billboards are not free, the rent can reach tens of millions per month.

If you install it in any place such as the walls of residents’ houses or the walls of office buildings, you can be sprayed by the owner. If you promote using mugs, then you don’t need to look for a place to install them, let alone pay the rent for an installation place.

Easier and Faster Information Distribution
Currently, there are few people who want to read newspapers or magazines, people who still read newspapers and magazines will mostly not read advertising columns, they will only read the news that interests them.

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